Sunday, 21 August 2011

An Eventful Trip

What a day. I feel I've aged about twenty years! I took a flight yestoday with my toddler, her first, and while she was reasonably quiet, she wouldn't sit on my lap for any length of time, as the budget airline dictated. As soon as the seat belt sign went out, we walked the length of the plane. And back again. And up, and back, and up and back. Thanks to our fellow passengers for their patience.

I was stressed beforehand because it was the first time she'd flown, and because I was in sole charge, so it was a weight off my mind that it went ok. We sailed through Arrivals. All hail the Trunki!

I was so glad to see my husband on "the other side" and off-load some of the luggage - it never ceases to amaze me how much kit small children need! We were making good progress through the hoardes of leather-look sunseekers returning from their annual break, towards our car.

Then the Trunki hit a bump in the tamac and flipped itself and its passenger straight over. Her forehead broke her fall because she was clutching the ladybird's horns so tightly. The scream was horrible but at least she cried straightaway. It was the blood coming from her nose that flipped us out. We headed straight to the hospital.

It was quite a surreal experience. not helped by the massive, purple egg that popped up on my baby's head. In our haste to get to A&E, we'd left the change bag in the car. Of course, this was exactly the time we needed it. Nice timing.

Thankfully, nothing serious at all. Apparently it's quite normal for baby noses to bleed with the smallest knocks. The advice was to cut her nails in case she picks her nose! And she listened to every word the doctor said.

No lasting damage, other than parents' nerves. I'm sure there are more wrinkles on my forehead this morning than yesterday, but I'd take a whole lot more to know that my baby is ok.

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